About Me

Hi, I’m Beth!


I have worked in education for around 7 years, which has given me opportunities to use long school holidays to travel. I live close to original home of the authors the Bronte sisters, in the heart of Yorkshire, with my two cats, Annie & Monty. 

I am a keen photographer and vintage enthusiast, and If I’m not at home hanging old paintings or desperately trying to find room for more antiques, you can probably find me eating waffles on the Grand Place cobbles of Brussels.

I’m at a turning point in my life and looking to make travel a bigger focus – it’s always been a passion, but now it’s become an ambition too.

About The Thrifty Drifter

I have been looking longingly at the past for many years, and have always filled rooms and wardrobes with vintage clothing & homeware, but I didn’t start to travel properly until I was in my early 20s. I decided that I would ‘go it alone’, and have since travelled (mostly!) independently for 5 years.

I’ve visited around 28 countries, mostly in Europe, where, as well as enjoying incredible architecture and fantastic food, I have been lucky to have the luxury of exploring the thrift stores, markets, and (sometimes bizarre!) bazaars.

I have also spent a lot of time rummaging in all kinds of charity and vintage stores at home in the UK, shopping for all kinds of treasures for my home, and also to feed my nostalgic soul.

Top Destinations

I have found some joy and wonder in every country and city I have visited, but Brussels will always hold a special place for me, as it was the first city I ever travelled to alone (outside of the UK of course). 

Although I make sure to go at least once a year, I have found that its northern sister, The Netherlands, holds many beautiful and exciting thrift stores (and equally beautiful people – one of the nicest nations I’m sure?!).

For sun, sand, and emotional decluttering though, Croatia is what you’re after.

For insights, recommendations,and general ‘I made a fool of myself in this way so you don’t have to’, check out my blog posts and associated links!

Happy to have you here,



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